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Number One Songs - 1950s
The 1950s was the decade that gave birth to rock and roll. The radical changes that took place in pop music during this era can be heard in the assorted mix of top pop hits of the day.
Number One Songs - 1960s
The tumultuous 1960s was the era of the Beatles, the British Invasion, Motown, girl groups, surf rock, dance crazes, and the beginning of hard rock. The many changes that took place are well represented by the top charting songs of that decade.
Number One Songs - 1970s
The 1970s are best remembered as the decade that gave birth to disco. Singer-songwriters, soft rock, mellow pop, nostalgia, and glam rock - plus a healthy dose of songs with a more salacious feel - also helped to define the music of this era.


Ring The Living Bell - Melanie


Royal Scots Dragoon Guards


During the week of January 14, 2018, fans bade a final farewell to famed gospel singer Edwin Hawkins and Argent co-founder Jim Rodford. The Edwin Hawkins Singers are best remembered for the 1969 smash hit, "Oh Happy Day." In addition to his work with Argent, Rodford had also played bass for The Zombies and The Kinks.


A History And Definition Of Oldies Music
Oldies music is alive and well and more popular than ever. It encompasses styles as diverse as doo-wop, rockabilly, R&B, and most rock and roll genres, with a generous sprinkling of blues and country.
Love Is In The Air With Popular Wedding Songs
Here we have a mix of long-time favorite wedding staples plus other classic oldies love songs that are the perfect musical accompaniment to any romantic setting.
The Beatles And Ed Sullivan Combined To Make History
February 9, 1964 marks the Beatles' first historic appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show which was, and remains, one of very few TV events that has yet to be matched in terms of its lasting impact on American pop culture.
You Know You're A Baby Boomer
For those of us who grew up during the 1950s-1970s, here is a tongue-in-cheek look at what it is really like being a baby boomer.
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Transcripts of interviews by allbutforgottenoldies.net webmaster Amy Gold with Vikki Carr, Ron Dante, Betty Harris, & more.
Insane World of Mike Sain
Thematic oldies music playlists from WPON-AM 1460 Detroit (Nov. 2003 - Sept. 2006) with DJ Mike Sain featuring both old familiar favorites and rare gems.



Listed below are key events in music, history, and pop culture that took place on this day between 1950-1980 when oldies music ruled the airwaves.

Simon and Garfunkel 1966

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel, 1966 (Image source: Nationaal Archief

1955"Sincerely" by The Moonglows reaches #1 on the Billboard R&B Charts.
1959Buddy Holly records several acoustic demos in his NYC apartment, his last-ever recorded songs, that include "Peggy Sue Got Married," "Crying, Waiting, Hoping," "Learning The Game," "What To Do," "That's What They Say," and "That Makes It Tough."
1966"Uptight (Everything's Alright)" by Stevie Wonder reaches #1 on the Billboard R&B Charts.
1967Simon and Garfunkel give a live concert at Philharmonic Hall in NYC which is recorded and eventually released on their 2002 album, "Live From New York City, 1967."
1968"Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In" premieres on NBC.
1970The Boeing 747 goes into service on Pan Am's New York-London route.
1973The Supreme Court delivers its decision in Roe v. Wade and elective abortion is legalized in all 50 states.
1977"I Wish" by Stevie Wonder reaches #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.