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The Addrisi Brothers

Brothers Dick and Don Addrisi (December 14, 1938 - November 13, 1984) were a pop duo from Winthrop, MA. Their parents were the Flying Addrisis, a famous traveling trapeze act in which both Dick and Don participated as kids.

In 1959, the Addrisi Brothers' debuted on the charts with "Cherrystone" but did not have another hit until the early 1970s. Between 1972-1979, they had several chart hits that included their best known song, "We've Got To Get It On Again" (1972).

As songwriters, the Addrisi Brothers had their biggest success with the Associations' 1967 hit, "Never My Love," and the duo later charted with their own version in 1977. They also wrote and performed the title theme for the TV series, "Nanny And The Professor."



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The Addrisi Brothers

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