News from The Stonewall: January 15, 2005 - Newest Supremes

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The Newest Supremes??? The Jaxson Girlz (M/L/J)

Supreme! =Newz= via the "STONEWALL Newzletta": There were the Original Supremes -- Diana, Mary and Flo -- in the 1960's; the New Supremes -- Jean, Mary and Cindy -- in the early 1970's; the Newer Supremes -- Scherrie, Mary and Susaye -- in the late 1970's; and now the Newest Supremes a.k.a. The Jaxon Girlz -- lead singer Michaele with sibling sistahs La Toya and Janet -- in the New Millenium.

These testifying girlz put out their very first hit single record: "Standin' By Their Man"! It's currently released by Couthouse Records. The song is not about any of their boyfriends (oh, no) nor about their manager, but it is actually about one of their many brothers -- the "Bad Boy"! To quote another sistah, "He's Bad!" So, say their names.... say their names: Michaele, La Toya and Janet. They are glamly survivors and, from the front page pic, you can see that they are bootylicious! As you can also see, these singing glamour girlz love their sunglasses -- and, trust us, their boyz!!!

Supreme Scoop: Their next record is expected to be a re-make of the Supremes' version of Mr. Gay's "Can I Get A Witness"!

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