Special Ops Media: Apr. 21, 2005 - Elvis By The Presleys CDs To Be Released May 3, 2005

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The double CD Elvis By the Presleys contains 32 tracks including number one hits "In The Ghetto," "Suspicious Minds," and "Heartbreak Hotel," legendary gems like "Trouble" and "Always On My Mind," and the new classic "A Little Less Conversation" which put Elvis back on the charts more than 25 years after his death. The rarities disc includes previously unreleased private recordings and Elvis at work in the studio recording "Jailhouse Rock" and "Too Much Monkey Business."

"The new CD set offers a look at the "King of Rock 'n Roll" as experienced through the eyes and ears of the two people who knew him best, his wife and daughter," says Joe DiMuro, Executive Vice President/General Manager of the Sony BMG Strategic Marketing Group. "As the longtime musical home of Elvis Presley, Sony BMG is thrilled to bring fans a collection of songs that left an indelible memory on Elvis's immediate family and we're proud to continue to expose this tremendous, legendary artist to new generations of fans."

The companion television special "Elvis by the Presleys" will be broadcast May 13 and "ELVIS," the four-hour mini-series, will be broadcast May 8 and May 11 on the CBS TV.

Elvis on CBS TV:

May 8 (9 pm-11pm) - part 1 of miniseries "ELVIS"
May 11 (8 pm-10pm) - part 2 of miniseries "ELVIS"
May 13 (8 pm - 10pm) - "Elvis By The Presleys"

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Elvis By the Presleys :30 Audio Streams:

"Suspicious Minds" (Quick Time)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/suspicious_minds_128.mov (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/suspicious_minds_32.mov (Low)

"Suspicious Minds" (REAL)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/suspicious_minds_128.ram (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/suspicious_minds_32.ram (Low)

"Suspicious Minds" (Windows Media)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/suspicious_minds_128.asx (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/suspicious_minds_32.asx (Low)

"A Little Less Conversation" (Quick Time)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/a_little_less_conversation_128.mov (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/a_little_less_conversation_32.mov (Low)

"A Little Less Conversation" (REAL)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/a_little_less_conversation_128.ram (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/a_little_less_conversation_32.ram (Low)

"A Little Less Conversation" (Windows Media)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/a_little_less_conversation_128.asx (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/a_little_less_conversation_32.asx (Low)

"Too Much Monkey Business" (Quick Time)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/too_much_monkey_business_128.mov (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/too_much_monkey_business_32.mov (Low)

"Too Much Monkey Business" (REAL)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/too_much_monkey_business_128.ram (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/too_much_monkey_business_32.ram (Low)

"Too Much Monkey Business" (Windows Media)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/too_much_monkey_business_128.asx (Hi)
http://media.bmgonline.com/bmgsmg.com/elvis_presley/audio/too_much_monkey_business_32.asx (Low)

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