Bubblegum Achievement Awards and International Bubblegum Month

From: Kim Cooper, Scram Magazine

Re: Bubblegum Achievement Awards and International Bubblegum Month
Date: August 23, 2005

Legends of bubblegum music honored with a "yummy yummy" night of puppets, candy and song

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July 26, 2005

LOS ANGELES- When Kim Cooper, editor of the book "Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth" realized the chances of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducting any of her bubblegum heroes were slim-to-none, she didn't get upset. Instead, she and her colleagues seized the opportunity to launch an all-bubblegum ceremony, the Bubblegum Achievement Awards, where the makers of glorious music beloved by little kids (and open-minded adults) could be celebrated without embarrassment. The biannual event brings original 1960s artists, producers and industry leaders together with contemporary performers inspired by the bubblegum sound, for a multimedia happening that's as entertaining as it is unique.

This October (International Bubblegum Month), the whole planet goes on bubblegum alert as Texas documentarian Kier-La Janisse's new film adaptation of the bubblegum book screens in Australia, Canada, Germany, England, France and throughout the USA.

The month's highlight comes on October 7, with the Bubblegum Achievement Awards ceremony at L.A.'s Bob Baker Marionette Theater, hosted by performance artist Kelly Kuvo (as The Bubblegum Queen), and Canadian pop duo Canned Hamm. Coveted "Gummy Award" statuettes will be presented to Steve Barri (producer of the all-chimp band Lancelot Link & the Evolution Revolution), Ron Dante (Archies and Cuff Links singer), Joey Levine (Ohio Express singer-songwriter) and novelty song-loving DJ Dr. Demento. The bubblegum documentary will screen, and legendary marionette artist Bob Baker will debut an original bubblegum-themed puppet spectacular.

Honorees Joey Levine, Dr. Demento and Ron Dante are available for interviews, as is editrix Kim Cooper, hosts Canned Hamm and the Bubblegum Queen, and puppeteer Bob Baker.

The Bubblegum Achievement Awards are sponsored by CD-Baby, Chicago Review Press, Feral House, K-EARTH 101 FM, Routledge, Thunder Bay Press and Topp's. Bazooka is the official bubblegum of the Bubblegum Achievement Awards.

Praise for "Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth": "Book of the Month" (Shindig) "The best rock 'n roll book I've read in many years" (Ear Candy) "immensely enjoyable" (Amplifier) " Any self-respecting pop fan must get it for their personal library" (Philadelphia CityPaper) "simply the most fun music book I have ever read" (Bucketfull of Brains) "a scintillating blend of informative essay, fanzine fanaticism, and irreverent kitsch." (Goldmine).

For more info on the Bubblegum Awards, visit http://www.bubblegum-music.com

For photo or interview requests, contact Kim Cooper, amscray @ gmail.com, 323-223-2767