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Arthur Alexander (May 10, 1940 - June 9, 1993) was an influential R&B-soul singer-songwriter. Arthur Alexander's "Anna (Go To Him)," the song for which he is best known, was featured in an episode of the TV sitcom, "Married With Children," in which Al Bundy goes crazy trying to name this tune. This episode of "Married With Children" was an inspiration for this website.

In 1962, Alexander debuted on the charts with "You Better Move On," which was followed by several more hits on the Pop/Rock and R&B charts that also included "Where Have You Been (All My Life)" (1962), "Anna (Go To Him)" (1962), "Every Day I Have To Cry Some" (1975), and "Sharing The Night Together" (1978). Although Alexander's career, which peaked in the early 1960s, was somewhat short-lived, his influence on other bands and artists was fairly wide-reaching. He is the only songwriter whose songs have been covered by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

Alexander attempted to make a comeback in the early 1990s which, unfortunately, was cut short by his early passing. Read our interview with Richard Younger, author of "Get A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues: The Arthur Alexander Story" for more information about this oldies music icon.




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Arthur Alexander

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