Alvino Rey And His Orchestra


Alvino Rey (b. Alvin McBurney, July 1, 1908 - February 2, 2004) was a swing era musician and bandleader considered by many to be the father of the pedal steel guitar. He was also an inventor who devised a number of electrified instrumental designs.

Best known songs (with years) include:

  • Nighty-Night (1941)
  • Deep In The Heart Of Texas (1942)
  • I Said No! (1942)
  • Idaho (1942)
  • Strip Polka (1942)
  • Cement Mixer (Put-Ti Put-Ti) (1946)
  • Bloop-Bleep (1947)
  • Near You (1947)
  • I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover (1948)

Pop charts debut year: 1941

Years active: 1927-1994

Genres: Jazz, swing, easy listening

Labels: Gardena, Columbia


audio clip Alvino Rey & His Orchestra

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