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Bobby Vee (April 30, 1943 - October 24, 2016, born Robert Thomas Velline) began his music career at 15 as a stand-in for his idol, Buddy Holly, who had just died in the plane crash that also took the lives of Ritchie Valens and the Big Bopper. He debuted on the charts with "Suzie Baby" (1959, as Bobby Vee And The Shadows), a song he wrote that was inspired by Bubby Holly's "Peggy Sue." Bobby Vee's fame took off shortly thereafter with "Devil Or Angel" (1960).

Vee's long string of hits from 1959-1970 also include "Take Good Care Of My Baby" (1961), "Rubber Ball" (1961), "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" (1963), and "Come Back When You Grow Up" (1967, as Bobby Vee And The Strangers). A popular teen idol, he also appeared in a number of movies from the early-mid 1960s, including "Swingin' Along," "Play It Cool," "Just For Fun," and "C'mon, Let's Live A Little." Vee was inducted into the Hit Parade Hall of Fame in 2009 and into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in 2011.






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Bobby Vee And The Strangers

Bobby Vee

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