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Bread was a melodic soft rock group led by David Gates that became famous in the 1970s. The original group members also included Jimmy Griffin and Robb Royer, and there were some personnel changes along the way. Before forming Bread, Gates had worked as a producer and arranger for The Pleasure Fair, Robb Royner's previous band. In 1968, Gates, Royner, and his songwriting partner, Jimmy Griffin, joined together and, in 1969, the group became known as Bread. Session musician Jim Gordon played drums for the group's 1969 self-titled debut album, "Bread," and afterwards, he was replaced by Mike Botts.

In 1970, Bread debuted with the chart-topping "Make It With You." Best known songs by Bread also include "If" (1971), "It Don't Matter To Me" (1970), "Baby I'm-A Want You" (1971), and "Lost Without Your Love" (1976). Gates also recorded solo and had a string of hits from 1973-1981, his best known being the title song from the 1978 movie, "Goodbye Girl."




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