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Cashman And West was an early 1970s pop duo consisting of Dennis "Terry Cashman" Minogue and Thomas "Tommy West" Picardo, Jr. They began in the late 1960s as The Buchanan Brothers, a pop trio that had also included Eugene Pistilli.

In 1972, Cashman And West debuted on the charts with the song for which they are best known, "American City Suite," which made the Top 40. In 1973, they also had a minor hit with "Songman." The duo also recorded as Morning Mist and had a minor hit in 1971 under that group name with "California On My Mind."

Cashman and West are best known as the producers of Jim Croce's classic hit songs. In 1975, Cashman and West founded Lifesong Records under which Henry Gross (of "Shannon" fame) and Dean Friedman (of "Ariel" fame) later recorded. In the late 1970s, both Cashman and West began recording solo.




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Cashman And West

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