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The Kingston Trio was an influential folk group from the late 1950s-early 1960s. The Kingston Trio's best known songs include the chart topping debut song "Tom Dooley" (1958), "M.T.A." (1959), and "Reverend Mr. Black" (1963). Songs from after 1959 with links to clips are shown below.


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The Kingston Trio

  • El Matador     1960

  • Greenback Dollar     1963

  • Hard Ain't It Hard     1958

  • Reverend Mr. Black     1963

  • Scotch And Soda     1962
    (This song was originally released on the Kingston Trio's 1958 debut album, "The Kingston Trio," but it did not become a hit until 1962. A new version of this song later also became a minor hit for the Kingston Trio (1969).)

  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone     1962
    (This classic protest song against war, which was written by Pete Seeger, later also became a hit for Johnny Rivers (1965).)

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