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Prelude is an English folk-pop group formed in 1970. They began as a duo known as Carnival consisting of Brian Hume and Ian Vardy. Hume's wife Irene joined them in 1971, and the trio initially went by the name of Trilogy before changing it to Prelude in 1972. They are best remembered in the U.S. for their a cappella rendition of the Neil Young-penned "After The Goldrush" which became a Top 40 hit in 1974. Other charted songs included "For A Dancer" (1975) and "Fly" (1975). Since the mid 1970s, the group continued to chart in the U.K. through 1982.

Prelude has continued to tour and record to this day, with a number of personnel changes over the years. The group's current lineup is a quintet made up of the original trio plus Keith Tulip and Paul Hooper.




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