Song Titles Beginning With C

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Cab Driver Cab Driver     The Mills Brothers     1968

The Cajun Queen The Cajun Queen     Jimmy Dean     1962

Calcutta Calcutta     Lawrence Welk     1960
(This instrumental song topped the charts and later also became a hit for the Four Preps (1961).)

California Dreamin' California Dreamin'     The Mamas And The Papas     1966
(This song later also became a hit for Bobby Womack (1969), America (1979), and the Beach Boys (1986).)

California Earthquake California Earthquake     Norman Greenbaum     1971

California Girls California Girls     The Beach Boys     1965
(This song later also became a hit for David Lee Roth (1985).)

California Nights California Nights     Lesley Gore     1967

California Soul California Soul     The 5th Dimension     1968
(This song later also became a hit for Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (1970).)

California Sun California Sun     The Rivieras     1964
(This song was previously a hit for Joe Jones (1961).)

Call Me Call Me     Aretha Franklin     1970

Call Me Call Me     Chris Montez     1966

Call Me Call Me     Timi Yuro     1964
(B-side of "Permanently Lonely")

Call Me (Come Back Home) Call Me (Come Back Home)     Al Green     1973

Call Me Mr. In-Between Call Me Mr. In-Between     Burl Ives     1962

Call On Me Call On Me     Bobby Bland     1963

Callin' Doctor Casey Callin' Doctor Casey     John D. Loudermilk     1962

Calypso Calypso     John Denver     1975

Can I Change My Mind Can I Change My Mind     Tyrone Davis     1968

Can I Get A Witness Can I Get A Witness     Marvin Gaye     1963
(This song later also became a hit for Lee Michaels (1971).)

Can I Get A Witness Can I Get A Witness     Lee Michaels     1971
(Same song as the above)

Can This Be Real Can This Be Real     Natural Four     1974

Can You Get Away Can You Get Away     Ruby Andrews     1970
(R&B chart hit)

Candida Candida     Dawn     1970

Candy Girl Candy Girl     The 4 Seasons     1963

The Candy Man The Candy Man     Sammy Davis, Jr. with the Mike Curb Congregation     1972
(This song topped both the Adult Contemporary and Pop/Rock charts.)

Candy Man Candy Man     Roy Orbison     1961

Canned Ham Canned Ham     Norman Greenbaum     1970

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