Song Titles: Come A Little Bit Closer - Come Together

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Come A Little Bit Closer Come A Little Bit Closer     Jay And The Americans     1964

Come And Get It Come And Get It     Badfinger     1970

Come And Get These Memories Come And Get These Memories     Martha And The Vandellas     1963

Come And Get Your Love Come And Get Your Love     Redbone     1974

Come And Stay With Me Come And Stay With Me     Marianne Faithfull     1965

Come Back Silly Girl Come Back Silly Girl     The Lettermen     1962

Come Back When You Grow Up Come Back When You Grow Up     Bobby Vee And The Strangers     1967

Come Get To This Come Get To This     Marvin Gaye     1973

Come Monday Come Monday     Jimmy Buffett     1974

Come On Come On     Tommy Roe     1964

Come On Down To My Boat Come On Down To My Boat     Every Mothers' Son     1967

Come On Little Angel Come On Little Angel     The Belmonts     1962

Come Running Come Running     Van Morrison     1970

Come Running Back Come Running Back     Dean Martin     1966

Come Saturday Morning Come Saturday Morning     The Sandpipers     1969

Come See Come See     Major Lance     1965

Come See About Me Come See About Me     The Supremes     1964
(This song, which topped the charts, also became a hit for Nella Dodds (1964) and Jr. Walker & the All Stars (1968).)

Come See About Me Come See About Me     Jr. Walker And The All Stars     1967
(Same song as the above)

Come To The Sunshine Come To The Sunshine     Harpers Bizarre     1967

Come Together Come Together     The Beatles     1969
(This song, which topped the charts, later also became a hit for Ike & Tina Turner (1970) and Aerosmith (1978). "Come Together" is listed in Rolling Stone magazine's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.)

Come Together Come Together     Ike And Tina Turner     1970
(Same song as the above)

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