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Unfortunately, we no longer have sound clips for this song. D.O.A.     Bloodrock     1971
("D.O.A." stands for "Dead On Arrival.")

Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home)     The Crystals     1963
(This song later also became a hit for Ian Matthews (1972) and Shaun Cassidy (1977).)

Daddy Could Swear, I Declare Daddy Could Swear, I Declare     Gladys Knight And The Pips     1973

Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast     Wayne Newton     1972

Daddy Sang Bass Daddy Sang Bass     Johnny Cash     1968

Daddy What If Daddy What If     Bobby Bare     1974

Daisy Jane Daisy Jane     America     1975

Daisy Petal Pickin' Daisy Petal Pickin'     Jimmy Gilmer And The Fireballs     1963

Dance, Dance, Dance Dance, Dance, Dance     The Beach Boys     1964

Dance On Little Girl Dance On Little Girl     Paul Anka     1961

Dance The Mess Around Dance The Mess Around     Chubby Checker     1961

Dance To The Music Dance To The Music     Sly And The Family Stone     1968

Dance With Me Dance With Me     The Mojo Men     1965

Dance With Me Dance With Me     Orleans     1975

Dancin' Fool Dancin' Fool     The Guess Who     1974

Dancin' Party Dancin' Party     Chubby Checker     1962

Dancing In The Moonlight Dancing In The Moonlight     King Harvest     1972

Dancing In The Street Dancing In The Street     Martha And The Vandellas     1964
(This song later also became a hit for the Mamas & the Papas (1967), Ramsey Lewis (1967), Teri DeSario with K.C. (1980), Van Halen (1982), and Mick Jagger & David Bowie (1985).)

Dancing Machine Dancing Machine     The Jackson 5     1974

Dandy Dandy     Herman's Hermits     1966

Dang Me Dang Me     Roger Miller     1964

Danger Danger     Vic Dana     1963

Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead Danger Heartbreak Dead Ahead     The Marvelettes     1965

The Dangling Conversation The Dangling Conversation     Simon And Garfunkel     1966

(You've Got Me) Dangling On A String (You've Got Me) Dangling On A String     Chairmen Of The Board     1970

Daniel Daniel     Elton John     1973

Danke Schoen Danke Schoen     Wayne Newton     1963

Danny's Song Danny's Song     Anne Murray     1973

The Dark End Of The Street The Dark End Of The Street     James Carr     1967

Dark Horse Dark Horse     George Harrison     1974

Dark Lady Dark Lady     Cher     1974
(This song about murder, betrayal, and cheap perfume topped the charts.)

Unfortunately, we no longer have sound clips for this song. Darkest Street In Town     Jimmy Clanton     1963

Darlin' Darlin'     The Beach Boys     1967
(This song later also became a hit for Paul Davis featuring Susan Collins (1978) and Yipes!! (1980).)

Darling Be Home Soon Darling Be Home Soon     The Lovin' Spoonful     1967
(This song also became a hit for Bobby Darin (1967).)

Daughter Of Darkness Daughter Of Darkness     Tom Jones     1970

Dawn (Go Away) Dawn (Go Away)     The 4 Seasons     1964

Unfortunately, we no longer have sound clips for this song. The Dawn Of Correction     The Spokesmen     1965

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