Song Titles Beginning With E

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Earache My Eye (Featuring Alice Bowie) Earache My Eye (Featuring Alice Bowie)     Cheech And Chong     1974

Early In The Morning Early In The Morning     Vanity Fare     1969

Earth Angel Earth Angel     Johnny Tillotson     1960
(This song was previously a hit for the Crew-Cuts (1955), the Penguins (1955), and Gloria Mann (1955) and later also became a hit for the Vogues (1969) and New Edition (1986).)

Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine) Earth Angel (Will You Be Mine)     The Vogues     1969
(Same song as the above)

Easy Come, Easy Go Easy Come, Easy Go     Bobby Sherman     1970

Easy Livin Easy Livin     Uriah Heep     1972

Easy Loving Easy Loving     Freddie Hart     1971

(Such An) Easy Question (Such An) Easy Question     Elvis Presley     1965

Easy To Be Hard Easy To Be Hard     Three Dog Night     1969
(This song later also became a hit for Cheryl Barnes (1979).)

Ebb Tide Ebb Tide     The Righteous Brothers     1965
(This song was also a hit for Frank Chacksfield (1953, instrumental), Vic Damone (1953), Roy Hamilton (1954, 1959), Bobby Freeman (1959), the Platters (1960), and Lenny Welch (1964).)

Ebony Eyes Ebony Eyes     The Everly Brothers     1961

Eight Days A Week Eight Days A Week     The Beatles     1965
(This song topped the charts.)

Eight Miles High Eight Miles High     The Byrds     1966

Eighteen Eighteen     Alice Cooper     1971
(This song, which is sung from the point of view of an 18-year-old who is stuck somewhere between being a boy and a man, is included in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.)

Eighteen With A Bullet Eighteen With A Bullet     Pete Wingfield     1975

El Condor Pasa El Condor Pasa     Simon And Garfunkel     1970

El Matador El Matador     The Kingston Trio     1960

Eleanor Rigby Eleanor Rigby     The Beatles     1966
(This song later also became a hit for Ray Charles (1968) and Aretha Franklin (1969).)

Eleanor Rigby Eleanor Rigby     Ray Charles     1968
(Same song as the above)

Eleanor Rigby Eleanor Rigby     Aretha Franklin     1969
(Same song as the above. In this version, the lyrics have been changed slightly so that the song's narrator is the title character herself (Eleanor Rigby) singing in the first person.)

Elected Elected     Alice Cooper     1972

Elenore Elenore     The Turtles     1968

Eli's Coming Eli's Coming     Three Dog Night     1969

Elusive Butterfly Elusive Butterfly     Bob Lind     1966

Emma Emma     Hot Chocolate     1975

Emotions Emotions     Brenda Lee     1960

Empty Pages Empty Pages     Traffic     1970

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