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G.T.O. G.T.O.     Ronny And The Daytonas     1964

Galveston Galveston     Glen Campbell     1969
(This song also became a hit for Roger Williams (1969).)

Game Of Love Game Of Love     Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders     1965
(This song topped the charts.)

Games People Play Games People Play     Joe South     1969
(This song later also became a hit for Inner Circle (1994).)

Games People Play Games People Play     Spinners     1975
(Alternate title: "They Just Can't Stop It The (Games People Play)")

Garden In The Rain Garden In The Rain     Vic Dana     1964

Garden Party Garden Party     Rick Nelson And The Stone Canyon Band     1972

Gee Whiz Gee Whiz     The Innocents     1960

Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes) Gee Whiz (Look At His Eyes)     Carla Thomas     1961
(This song later also became a hit for Bernadette Peters (1980).)

Gentle On My Mind Gentle On My Mind     Glen Campbell     1968
(This song also became a hit for Patti Page (1968) and Aretha Franklin (1969).)

Georgia On My Mind Georgia On My Mind     Ray Charles     1960
(This song, which was previously a hit for Frankie Trumbauer (1931), topped the charts for Ray Charles in 1960 and later also became a hit for the Righteous Brothers (1966), Wes Montgomery (1968), Willie Nelson (1978), and Michael Bolton (1990). In 1979, Ray Charles' version of "Georgia On My Mind" was named as the official song of the State of Georgia.)

Georgy Girl Georgy Girl     The Seekers     1966
("Georgy Girl" was the title song from the movie starring Lynn Redgrave. It also became a hit for the Baja Marimba Band (1967).)

Geronimo's Cadillac Geronimo's Cadillac     Michael Martin Murphey     1972

Get Back Get Back     The Beatles With Billy Preston     1969
(This song topped the charts and later also became a hit for Billy Preston (1978).)

Get Dancin' Get Dancin'     Disco-Tex And The Sex-O-Lettes     1974

Get Down, Get Down (Get On The Floor) Get Down, Get Down (Get On The Floor)     Joe Simon     1975

Get Down Tonight Get Down Tonight     KC And The Sunshine Band     1975
(This disco song, which topped both the R&B and Pop/Rock charts, features in the introduction a brief guitar solo played at twice the normal speed, making it sound much like a Japanese shamisen.)

Unfortunately, we no longer have sound clips for this song. Get It On     Chase     1971

Get It Together Get It Together     The Jackson 5     1973

Get It Together (Part 1) Get It Together (Part 1)     James Brown     1967

Get Me To The World On Time Get Me To The World On Time     The Electric Prunes     1967

Get Off Of My Cloud Get Off Of My Cloud     The Rolling Stones     1965
(This song topped the charts.)

Get On The Good Foot-Part 1 Get On The Good Foot-Part 1     James Brown     1972

Get On Up Get On Up     The Esquires     1967

Get Ready Get Ready     The Temptations     1966
(This song later also became a hit for Rare Earth (1970).)

Get Ready Get Ready     Rare Earth     1970
(Same song as the above)

Get Together Get Together     The Youngbloods     1967
(This song was previously a hit for We Five (1965) and later recharted for the Youngbloods (1969).)

Get Up And Get Down Get Up And Get Down     The Dramatics     1971

Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Pt. 1 Get Up, Get Into It, Get Involved Pt. 1     James Brown     1971

Get Up I Feel Like Being Like A Sex Machine (Part 1) Get Up I Feel Like Being Like A Sex Machine (Part 1)     James Brown     1970
(A new and longer version of this song charted in 1975.)

Gettin' Together Gettin' Together     Tommy James And The Shondells     1967

Getting Mighty Crowded Getting Mighty Crowded     Betty Everett     1964

Ghetto Child Ghetto Child     Spinners     1973

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