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O-o-h Child O-o-h Child     The Five Stairsteps     1970
(This song later also became a hit for Dino (1993).)

Ode To Billie Joe Ode To Billie Joe     Bobbie Gentry     1967
(This song topped the charts for Bobbie Gentry in 1967 and also became a hit that same year for the Kingpens and Ray Bryant. A new version of this song by Bobbie Gentry charted in 1976.)

Oh, Babe, What Would You Say? Oh, Babe, What Would You Say?     Hurricane Smith     1973

Oh Girl Oh Girl     The Chi-Lites     1972
(This song topped both the R&B and Pop/Rock charts and later also became a hit for Paul Young (1990).)

Oh Happy Day Oh Happy Day     Edwin Hawkins Singers     1969
(This gospel-infused song later also became a hit for Glen Campbell (1970).)

Oh Happy Day Oh Happy Day     Glen Campbell     1970
(Same song as the above)

Oh How Happy Oh How Happy     Shades of Blue     1966
(This song later also became a hit for Blinky & Edwin Starr (1969).)

Oh La De Da Oh La De Da     The Staple Singers     1973

Oh Me, Oh My I'm A Fool For You Baby Oh Me, Oh My I'm A Fool For You Baby     Lulu     1969
(This song later also became a hit for Aretha Franklin (1972).)

Oh No Not My Baby Oh No Not My Baby     Maxine Brown     1964
(This song later also became a hit for Rod Stewart (1973) and Merry Clayton (1973).)

Oh, Pretty Woman Oh, Pretty Woman     Roy Orbison And The Candy Men     1964
(This song topped the charts and later also became a hit for Van Halen (1982). "Oh, Pretty Woman" was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame Award and is listed in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. It is also included in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.)

Oh Very Young Oh Very Young     Cat Stevens     1974

Oh Yeah Oh Yeah     The Shadows of Knight     1966

Ohio Ohio     Crosby, Stills, Nash And Young     1970

Okie From Muskogee Okie From Muskogee     Merle Haggard And The Strangers     1969

Old Days Old Days     Chicago     1975

An Old Fashioned Love Song An Old Fashioned Love Song     Three Dog Night     1971

The Old Lamplighter The Old Lamplighter     The Browns Featuring Jim Edward Brown     1960

Old Man Old Man     Neil Young     1972

Old Rivers Old Rivers     Walter Brennan     1962

Omaha Omaha     Moby Grape     1967

On A Carousel On A Carousel     The Hollies     1967
(This song later also became a hit for Glass Moon (1982).)

On And On On And On     Gladys Knight And The Pips     1974

On Broadway On Broadway     The Drifters     1963
(This song later also became a hit for George Benson (1978).)

On Campus On Campus     Dickie Goodman     1969

On The Rebound On The Rebound     Floyd Cramer     1961

On The Road Again On The Road Again     Canned Heat     1968

Unfortunately, we no longer have sound clips for this song. On Top Of Spaghetti     Tom Glazer And The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus     1963

Once In Awhile Once In Awhile     The Chimes     1960

Once You Get Started Once You Get Started     Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan     1975

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