Song Titles Beginning With Q

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Quarter To Three Quarter To Three     U.S. Bonds     1961
(This song topped the charts.)

Queen Of The House Queen Of The House     Jody Miller     1965

Question Question     The Moody Blues     1970

Questions 67 And 68 Questions 67 And 68     Chicago     1969
(This song is the longer version. Chicago later also had a hit in 1971 with a shorter version of "Questions 67 And 68.")

Questions 67 And 68 Questions 67 And 68     Chicago     1971
(Same song as the above (shorter version))

Quicksand Quicksand     Martha And The Vandellas     1963

Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars     Andy Williams     1965

Quite A Party Quite A Party     The Fireballs     1961

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