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U.S. Male U.S. Male     Elvis Presley     1968

Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um     Major Lance     1964
(This song later also became a hit for Johnny Rivers (1978).)

Unchain My Heart Unchain My Heart     Ray Charles     1961
(This song later also became a hit for Herbie Mann (1968).)

Unchained Melody Unchained Melody     The Righteous Brothers     1965
(Although "Unchained Melody" previously topped the charts for Les Baxter in 1955, this famous love song has, over the years, become indelibly associated with the Righteous Brothers whose version is considered by many to be the definitive one. This song was also a hit for Al Hibbler (1955), Roy Hamilton (1955), June Valli (1955), Vito & the Salutations (1963), the Sweet Inspirations (1968) and Heart (1981). "Unchained Melody" was part of the soundtrack for the 1990 movie, "Ghost," and recharted for the Righteous Brother that same year.)

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey     Paul and Linda McCartney     1971
(This unusual song, which topped the charts, consists of two parts. The first half, which is more somber, features many sound effects such as a thunderstorm, a telephone ringing, and beachside noises. In the second half, which is more upbeat, Linda McCartney's voice can be heard clearly.)

Uncle John's Band Uncle John's Band     Grateful Dead     1970

Under The Boardwalk Under The Boardwalk     The Drifters     1964
(This evocative seaside song, in which two lovers plan to secretly meet under a boardwalk, is included in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time. "Under The Boardwalk" later also became a hit for Billy Joe Royal (1978) and Bruce Willis (1987).)

Under Your Spell Again Under Your Spell Again     Johnny Rivers     1965

Understand Your Man Understand Your Man     Johnny Cash     1964

Undun Undun     The Guess Who     1969

Uneasy Rider Uneasy Rider     Charlie Daniels     1973

Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World) Ungena Za Ulimwengu (Unite The World)     The Temptations     1970

The Unicorn The Unicorn     The Irish Rovers     1968

United We Stand United We Stand     The Brotherhood Of Man     1970

Universal Soldier Universal Soldier     Donovan     1965
(This song was previously a hit for Glen Campbell (1965).)

Until It's Time For You To Go Until It's Time For You To Go     Elvis Presley     1972
(This song was previously a hit for Neil Diamond (1970) and later also became a hit for New Birth (1973).)

Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do) Until You Come Back To Me (That's What I'm Gonna Do)     Aretha Franklin     1973
(This song later also became a hit for Luther Vandross (1984, as a medley).)

Up Around The Bend Up Around The Bend     Creedence Clearwater Revival     1970

Up For The Down Stroke Up For The Down Stroke     Parliament     1974

Up From The Skies Up From The Skies     The Jimi Hendrix Experience     1968

Up In Heah Up In Heah     Ike And Tina Turner     1972

Up On Cripple Creek Up On Cripple Creek     The Band     1969

Up On The Roof Up On The Roof     The Drifters     1962
(This song later also became a hit for the Cryan' Shames (1968), Laura Nyro (1970), and James Taylor (1979).)

Up On The Roof  Up On The Roof      The Cryan' Shames     1968
(Same song as the above)

Up The Ladder To The Roof Up The Ladder To The Roof     The Supremes     1970

Up Tight Up Tight     Ramsey Lewis     1966
(This instrumental song first became a hit for Stevie Wonder (1966) and also became a hit for Nancy Wilson (1966) and the Jazz Crusaders (1966).)

Up - Up And Away Up - Up And Away     The 5th Dimension     1967
(This song also became a hit for the Johnny Mann Singers (1967) and Hugh Masekela (1968).)

Uptight (Everything's Alright) Uptight (Everything's Alright)     Stevie Wonder     1965
(This song also became a hit for Ramsey Lewis (1967, instrumental version), Nancy Wilson (1966), and the Jazz Crusaders (1966).)

Uptown Uptown     The Crystals     1962

Use Me Use Me     Bill Withers     1972

Use Your Head Use Your Head     Mary Wells     1965

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