WPON-AM 1460 - Insane World Of Mike Sain - My Dad- February 1, 2006

The "Insane World Of Mike Sain" airs every Wednesday at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on WPON-AM 1460 Detroit. This morning's show was in loving memory of Mike's father, Leo Anstandig, who passed away 10 years ago. Every song except the first one included either "Dad," "Daddy," "Father," or "Papa" in the title.


  • Little Anthony and the Imperials had a string of hits from 1958-1974 that included "I Miss You So" (1965). This group was led by falsetto Anthony Gourdine. They first recorded as the Chesters, then changed their name to the Imperials in 1958. "I Miss You So" was co-written by Jimmy Henderson, a member of the Cats and the Fiddle who first charted with this song in 1940. "I Miss You So" was also a hit for Chris Connor (1957) and Paul Anka (1959).
  • Paul Petersen was a Mouseketeer and child actor who played "Jeff Stone" on TV's "Donna Reed Show." Petersen had a string of hits from 1962-1964 which included his best known song, "My Dad" (1963).
  • "Daddy's Little Girl" (1950) was one of many hits for the Mills Brothers. Dick Todd also had a hit with "Daddy's Little Girl" that same year. The Mills Brothers were a unique family vocal group with a long and distinguished career dating back to the late 1920s. In 1931, they debuted with the chart topping "Tiger Rag" and had a long string of hits that continued through 1968. They were unusual in that they were proficient at imitating trumpets, trombones, and saxophones with only their voices. They started out as a novelty act by incorporating imitations of instruments in many of their earliest hits, then gradually evolved to a purely vocal group.
  • Welsh-born Dave Edmunds is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer specializing mainly in 1950s-1960s-styled traditional rock and roll. He is best known for his 1971 smash hit, "I Hear You Knocking," and he had several other charts hits spanning the years 1971-1985. In 1976, he co-founded the rockabilly band Rockpile which had a string of hits in the UK. During the 1980s, Edmunds produced for the rockabilly revival band, the Stray Cats. Edmunds' noncharting "Dear Dad" was from his 1982 LP, "D.E. 7th (Columbia 37930) and is on his CD, D.E. 7th/Information. Chuck Berry originally wrote "Dear Dad" and had a minor hit with this song in 1965.
  • The Winstons were a Washington DC-based male R&B group best known for the sweet and soulful 1969 smash hit, "Color Him Father." They had one other chart hit with "Love Of The Common People" in 1969. They later toured as a backup band for the Impressions.
  • Chicory Tip (a.k.a. Chicory) was an early 1970s British glam rock band best remembered for "Son Of My Father" (1972). "Son Of My Father" was only a minor hit in the US (peaking at only #91 in 1972), but it topped the UK charts for 3 weeks. Giorgio Moroder co-wrote this song and also had a hit with it in 1972.
  • The Dixie Cups were a New Orleans-based girl group made up of two sisters and one cousin. They are famous for "Chapel Of Love" which topped both the R&B and pop charts in 1964. Their noncharting "Thank You Mama, Thank You Papa" was included on their 1964 LP, "Chapel Of Love" (Red Bird RB 20-100).
  • "Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast" (1972) is one of several hits for Las Vegas icon Wayne Newton who began his career in 1962 making regular appearances on the Jackie Gleason Show. Wayne Newton's hits also include "Danke Schoen" (1963).
  • The Monkees' "Mommy And Daddy" was a minor hit in 1969 (peaking at only #109), and it was the B-side of "Good Clean Fun" which also charted that same year. The Monkees were a made-for-TV band with many Top 40 hits who starred in 58 episodes of "The Monkees" from 1966-1968. After they disbanded in 1969, Michael Nesmith, Davy Jones, and Mickey Dolentz all went on to record solo. The Monkees reunited briefly in 1987 (without Nesmith) and again in 1996.
  • The Marvelettes were from Inkster, MI, and were a leading Motown group. They are best known for "Please Mr. Postman" which topped both the R&B and pop charts in 1961. They had a long string of hits throughout most of the 1960s that included "My Daddy Knows Best" (1963).
  • "Daddy Sang Bass" topped the country charts for Johnny Cash in 1969 and was one of many hits on both the country and pop charts for this famed country singer. Carl Perkins wrote "Daddy Sang Bass" and the Statler Brothers provided backing vocals. Johnny Cash was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1980 and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1992.
  • Longtime crooner Perry Como (d. May 12, 2001) was one of the most popular singers of the late 1940s-1950s. He had a very long string of hits from 1943-1974 that included the smash hit, "Papa Loves Mambo" (1954). Como was also well known as a TV host and in later years became famous for his Christmas specials.

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