WPON-AM 1460 - Insane World Of Mike Sain - TV Stars With Hit Songs - March 11, 2004

The "Insane World Of Mike Sain" airs every Wednesday at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on WPON-AM 1460 Detroit both on the air and on the Internet. This morning's show featured songs by TV stars who cut the occasional record.


  • Actress Tuesday Weld's "Are You The Boy?" was recorded in 1960 as a single (b/w "All Through Spring and Summer", Plaza 508). "Are You The Boy" is on the hard-to-find compilation CD "Ultra Chicks Vol 4 Baby Pop!".
  • Teen idol Bobby Sherman had many Top 40 hits and played "Jeremy Bolt" on TV's "Here Come The Brides." Bobby Sherman's version of the Neil Sedaka-penned "Our Last Song Together" was on the 1976 album "Remembering You." The song was also recorded as a single in 1975 (b/w "Sunshine Rose", JANUS J254).
  • Connie Stevens is a singer and actress who has appeared in many movies and also has many songs that made the Billboard Hot 100, her best known song being "16 Reasons."
  • "Gidget" was the title song from the movie starring teen idol James Darren and Sandra Dee. Singer-actor Darren has made many movie appearances, one of his best known being Gidget's boyfriend "Moondoggie."
  • Edward Byrnes' best known role was as "Kookie" on TV's "77 Sunset Strip." In 1959, Byrnes had a Top 40 hit with "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)" which was sung as a duet with Connie Stevens. "Kookie's Boogie" was on the 1959 album "Kookie" by Edd Byrnes (Warner Brothers W-1309).
  • Richard Chamberlain's "Theme From Dr. Kildare (Three Stars Will Shine Tonight)" is the best known of his string of Billboard Hot 100 hits from 1962-1964. Chamberlain is a leading actor in the movie, TV, and the theater who became famous for his starring role in TV's "Dr. Kildare."
  • Paul Petersen was a Mouseketeer and played "Jeff Stone" on TV's "Donna Reed Show." Petersen had a string of Billboard Hot 100 hits songs from 1962-1964. Of all his chart hits, "My Dad" (1963) is Paul Petersen's best known song. TV and movie actress Shelley Fabares had several chart hits from 1962-1963, her best known being her chart-topping debut song, "Johnny Angel," and the sequel, "Johnny Loves Me." Fabares best known TV shows include "The Donna Reed Show" and "Coach." "Kids" as performed by Paul Petersen & Shelley Fabares was on the 1964 album "Bye Bye Birdie" (Colpix CP-454) which includes songs from the musical and film "Bye Bye Birdie."
  • A made-for-TV band, the Monkees had many Top 40 hits and starred in 58 episodes of "The Monkees" from 1966-1968. "Mary, Mary" was included on the 1966 album "More Of The Monkees" (RCA Victor RD-7868).
  • Mellow crooner, actor, comedian, and Rat Pack member Dean Martin (born Dino Crocetti) had a long string of hits from 1955-1969. "Memories Are Made Of This" was Martin's chart-topping debut song (with the Easy Riders as backing vocals).
  • Teen idol Ricky Nelson was the son of Ozzie & Harriet Nelson and made many TV appearances from 1952-1966. Nelson had many chart hits under various names (Ricky Nelson, Rick Nelson, Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band) and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1987.
  • Country-pop-folk singer, songwriter, and guitarist George Hamilton IV's best known pop chart hit was "Why Don't They Understand," and over the years, Hamilton charted over 40 Country hits. In 1959, Hamilton had his own TV show.
  • Canadian-born Lorne Green made several movie appearances and starred in TV's "Bonanza" and "Battlestar Galactica." Greene made a splash on the pop charts with his debut song "Ringo" which topped both the Adult Contemporary and Pop/Rock charts in 1964.
  • The theme from "The Donna Reed Show" is included on the CD Donna Reed's Dinner Party.
  • Singer, guitarist, songwriter, and actor Glen Campbell's early career accomplishments included being a studio musician for such groups as the Champs, the Hondells, the Beach Boys, and Sagittarius. Campbell starred/appeared in several movies, most notably "True Grit," and hosted "The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour" from 1968-1972.

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