WPON-AM 1460 - Insane World Of Mike Sain - Rolling Stones And Beatles - March 31, 2004

The "Insane World Of Mike Sain" airs every Wednesday at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on WPON-AM 1460 Detroit both on the air and on the Internet. This morning's show featured lesser-known and lesser-played songs by the two top British Invasion bands of the 1960s (and sometime-rivals), i.e., the Rolling Stones and the Beatles.

  • Hold Me Tight - Beatles- 1964
  • Paint it, Black - Rolling Stones - 1966 (by request from Amy Gold)
  • In My Life - Beatles - 1965
  • Lady Jane - Rolling Stones - 1966
  • Not A Second Time - Beatles - 1964
  • Under My Thumb - Rolling Stones - 1966 (by request)
  • Girl - Beatles - 1965
  • Walking The Dog - Rolling Stones - 1964 (by request)
  • Run For Your Life - Beatles - 1965
  • Play With Fire - Rolling Stones - 1965
  • For No One - Beatles - 1966
  • As Tears Go By - Rolling Stones - 1966
  • I'm Only Sleeping - Beatles - 1966


  • "Hold Me Tight" and "Not A Second Time" were included on the 1964 albums "With The Beatles" (Odeon 1C-062-04181) and "Meet The Beatles" (Capitol ST-2047). William Mann, then music critic of The Times (London), compared part of "Not A Second Time" to Gustav Mahler's "Song Of The Earth."
  • "In My Life," "Run For Your Life," and "Girl" were included on the 1965 Beatles album "Rubber Soul" (Capitol T-2442). "Run For Your Life" was voted by John Lennon as being his "worst ever" (along with "It's Only Love"). "Girl" was a derogatory commentary about the Christianity and the Catholic church. John Lennon said that the verse that includes "pain will lead to pleasure" was about "the Catholic/Christian concept - be tortured and then it'll be alright. I was trying to say something about Christianity, which I was opposed to at the time."
  • The melodious and dignified "Lady Jane" (#24/1966) was the B-side of "Mother's Little Helper" (#8/1966). Both songs were included on the 1966 album "Aftermath" (Decca SKL-4786).
  • "Under My Thumb" was included on the 1966 Stones album "Aftermath" (London LL-3476).
  • "Walking The Dog" as covered by the Stones was included on the 1964 album "The Rolling Stones" (London LL-3375). "Walking The Dog" was a chart hit in 1963 for Rufus Thomas who also wrote the tune.
  • The ominous "Play With Fire" (#96/1965) was the B-side of the 1965 hit "The Last Time" (#9/1965). Both songs were on the 1965 album "Out Of Our Heads" (London PS-429).
  • "For No One" and "I'm Only Sleeping" were included on the 1966 album "Revolver" (Apple EAS-80556).
  • The melancholy "As Tears Go By" was released by the Stones as a single in 1966 and charted that year but was originally included on the 1964 album "Stone Age" (Decca SKL-5084). Before the Stones had a hit with "As Tears Go By," the song was given to Marianne Faithfull (then girlfriend of Mick Jagger) who had a hit with it in both the U.K. (in 1964) and the U.S. (in 1965).

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