WPON-AM 1460 - Insane World Of Mike Sain - Instrumentals - August 11, 2004

The "Insane World Of Mike Sain" airs every Wednesday at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on WPON-AM 1460 Detroit both on the air and on the Internet. This morning's theme was instrumentals (songs without words).


  • "Miserlou" as performed by the Beach Boys is an alternate version of the early 1960s Dick Dale surf rock classic later made famous in the 1994 movie, "Pulp Fiction." The Beach Boys' version of "Miserlou" was included on their 1963 album "Surfin' U.S.A." (Capitol ST-1890).
  • "Classical Gas" was Mason William's chart debut song in 1968 and it topped the Adult Contemporary charts that same year. Williams was a comedy writer for "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" in the late 1960s and "Saturday Night Live" in 1980.
  • "The Horse" was the chart debut song for Cliff Nobles in 1968. A sequel, "Horse Fever," also charted later that same year.
  • "Viva Tirado - Part I" was El Chicano's chart debut song in 1970. "Viva Tirado - Part II" was the b-side song.
  • "Exodus" was the title song from the movie starring Paul Newman. After piano duo Ferrante & Teicher made this song into a hit in 1961 it also charted that same year for Mantovani & His Orchestra, Eddie Harris, and Pat Boone.
  • The opening riff for the Marketts "Out Of Limits" is similar to that eerie theme from "The Twilight Zone" TV series.
  • "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" by Sounds Orchestral topped the Adult Contemporary charts in 1965. This song was previously a chart hit for the Vince Guaraldi Trio in 1963 and later became a hit for Steve Alaimo (sung version, 1965) and Shelby Flint (sung version, 1966).
  • "No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's In) by the T-Bones is the famous tune from the late 1960s Alka Seltzer commercials.
  • After Jorgen Ingmann debutted with "Apache" in 1961, this song later became a hit that same year for Sonny James (sung version) and was also a hit for Davie Allan & the Arrows (1965) and the Sugarhill Gang (1982). The latter song incorporates samples of Jorgen Ingmann's "Apache."
  • "Topsy II" by Cozy Cole charted twice in 1958 on the Pop/Rock charts and the B-side song was "Topsy I" which was also a chart hit that same year. "Topsy II" was an R&B chart topping hit for Benny Goodman in 1938.
  • "Sleep Walk" by Santo & Johnny topped the charts in 1959 and later became a chart hit for Larry Carlton in 1982.

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