WPON-AM 1460 - Insane World Of Mike Sain - Back To School - September 1, 2004

The "Insane World Of Mike Sain" airs every Wednesday at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on WPON-AM 1460 Detroit both on the air and on the Internet. Today's theme was back to school in celebration of that time of the year again.


  • "School Bells" by Nicky & the Nobles was a local hit in New York but never made the national charts. This song was released ca. 1957-1964 as a single on the Gone record label (Gone 5039, b/w "School Day Crush") and can be found on the following CDs: Doo Wop 45's on CD 10 [ORIGINAL RECORDING REMASTERED]; Encyclopedia of Doo Wop 3; Klik Records Story; George Goldner Presents: Gone Story 1957-63.
  • Jerry Lee Lewis' "High School Confidential" was the title song from the movie.
  • Teen idol Ricky Nelson was the son of Ozzie & Harriet Nelson and made many TV appearances from 1952-1966. Nelson had many chart hits under various names (Ricky Nelson, Rick Nelson, Rick Nelson & The Stone Canyon Band) and was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in 1987.
  • "The New Girl In School" was the B-side song of "Dead Man's Curve," both songs of which were hits in 1961.
  • The Tom & Jerry duo were actually Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel. "Hey, Schoolgirl" was the only song released under that name that charted.
  • Many different versions of "High School U.S.A." were released, each version mentioning different areas of the country. The original version was "High School U.S.A. Virginia."
  • Gary "U.S." Bond's chart hits, "School Is Out" and "School Is In," debutted in July and October, respectively, of 1961.
  • Randy Starr was not only a singer, songwriter, and guitarist but also a dentist. "After School" was Starr's only charting song. Starr wrote many songs for the Elvis Presley movie sountracks. He was also a member of the late 1950s instrumental duo, the Islanders.
  • "School Day Blues" by B. Bumble & the Stingers was the B-side of their 1961 chart debut song, "Bumble Boogie."
  • The Mickey & Sylvia duo were husband and wife McHouston "Mickey" Baker and Sylvia Vanderpool Baker. Sylvia went solo in 1973 and recorded under her first name. "Love Will Make You Fail In School" was included on their 1957 album, "New Sounds" (Vik LX 1102).
  • Despite his relatively short run on the Pop/Rock charts (ca. 1956-1958), famed 1950s rockabilly rocker Gene Vincent made a big splash and in 1998 got inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  • R. Dean Taylor's obscure "At The High School Dance" was included on the LP, "Rock-A-Billy Boppin'" (White Label WL 8842) on which all the songs were recorded around the mid to late 1950s. "At The High School Dance" is also included on the following CDs: Hey! Look What I Found Vol 5 [IMPORT]; Shakin' Up North [IMPORT]; Shakin Up North: Canadian Rockabilly 1.

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