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Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys were a rock band from New York that became famous during the late 1960s. Formed in 1967 by Roy Michaels (vocals, bass guitar) and Bob Smith (vocals, keyboards, drums), the band's original lineup also consisted of William David "Charlie" Chin (vocals, guitar), Michael Equine (drums, guitar), and Larry Packer (guitar, violin), with some personnel changes along the way. The band's debut album, "The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away," which was produced by Jimi Hendrix, includes "Good Old Rock 'N' Roll," a medley of classic rock and roll oldies dance tunes. This song, which was the band's only national chart hit, reached #21 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1969.

After "Good Old Rock 'N' Roll" became a national sensation, Cat Mother & The All Night News Boys continued to tour and perform extensively and released several more albums until finally breaking up in 1977. The band's many performances included being the opening act for several Jimi Hendrix concerts.


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Cat Mother And The All Night News Boys

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