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Dick And Dee Dee were a male-female pop duo from the early 1960s. The founding members were former classmates Mary Sperling and Richard Gosting (d. December 27, 2003) who subsequently became known as Dick St. John and Dee Dee Sperling, respectively.

In 1961, they debuted on the charts with "The Mountain's High," the song for which they are best remembered. This song, which peaked at #2 on the charts, was followed by a string of hits through 1965 that included "Young And In Love" (1963), "Turn Around" (1964), and "Thou Shalt Not Steal" (1965).

Throughout the early-mid 1960s, Dick and Dee Dee toured with many top bands and artists that included the Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones. In 2007, Sperling published a memoir, "Vinyl Highway, Singing As Dick And Dee Dee In The Sixties," which chronicles their life on the road. Dick and Dee Dee were also regular guests on the "Shindig!" TV show.


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