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Where can I find sheet music?

To get started, use the above search box or browse Sheet Music Plus by

Tip: For a more thorough search, we highly recommend Advanced Search at Sheet Music Plus where you can search simultaneously for title (e.g., songbook title, song name, composition) and other details (e.g., artist, band, composer, instrument, publisher, or other keywords) and also narrow down your results by type of instrument(s).

Where can I find fake books?

Click here to browse Sheet Music Plus' extensive fake book offerings from which you can easily narrow them down to those that include a particular song title or performing artist.

Where can I find guitar tablatures?

Click here to browse Sheet Music Plus' extensive selection of guitar tabs which you can also narrow down by song title and/or performing artist.

Where can I find lists of pop music songbook titles by decade (e.g., 1960s, 1970s)?

To browse songbook titles by decade, click on any of the links below:

Where can I find wedding sheet music, karaoke, and/or Christmas music?

Right here:

I cannot find any songbooks that include the song I want using the sheet music store search engines. Please help.

For hard-to-find song titles, try searching both Google and Google Groups as follows:

  1. Enter both the song title (in quotes) and "sheetmusic".
  2. Repeat step 1, substituting "sheet music" for "sheetmusic".
  3. Repeat step 1 using any of the following: "fake"; "tablature"; "tab".
  4. Once you find a name of a songbook or fake book that has your song, enter the name in the search box below.

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