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RSS feed  News, Featured Artists, and Top Picks - This feed, which is updated daily, features an artist of the day, lists all #1 Top Song Picks from the day before, and keeps you up to date with the latest at

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RSS feed  Top Song Pick Of The Hour - This feed gives the latest #1 Top Pick at and changes whenever a new song makes it to the top position. Top Picks are those songs that have received the most clicks over the past 24 hours and they are updated hourly.

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RSS feed  Daily Featured Artist - This feed gives the featured artist of the day at along with some of this artist's best known songs.

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RSS can stand for either "Really Simple Syndication," "RDF Site Summary," or "Rich Site Summary," depending on the context. RSS is an XML-based format that allows online information to be distributed and aggregated.

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RSS feeds are an increasingly popular means of bringing website content to website visitors and can be regarded as an alternative to newsletters and e-zines. RSS feeds are typically made up of headlines and hyperlinks to longer articles or webpages. RSS feeds enable you to quickly read and gather information from hundreds of web sites - for those websites that offer them - without your having to visit each website individually. When you subscribe to a website's RSS feed, you are automatically updated whenever important changes take place. To read an RSS feed, you need a newsreader (a.k.a. feed reader, aggregator or headline viewer). Many free RSS newsreaders, both desktop and web-based, are available. If you are new to RSS and RSS feeds and just want to try them out, we recommend that you start with a web-based reader such as My Yahoo!. Web-based readers require no software installation and, as a further convenience, enable you to access your feeds from any computer with web access.