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Louisiana-born Jimmy Clanton was a swamp pop-R&B singer and teen idol from the late 1950s-early 1960s. In 1958, he debuted with "Just A Dream" (performed with his band, the Rockets) which topped the R&B charts and became a Top 10 Pop/Rock chart hit. Clanton's best known songs also include "A Letter to an Angel" (1958), "Go, Jimmy, Go" (1960), "Another Sleepless Night" (1960), and "Venus In Blue Jeans" (1962). His last chart hit, "Curly," was in 1969.

In 1958 and 1961, respectively, Jimmy Clanton starred and performed in "Go, Johnny, Go!" and "The Teenage Millionaire." In 2007, he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame and the Hit Parade Hall of Fame.


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Jimmy Clanton And His Rockets

Jimmy Clanton

  • Another Sleepless Night     1960

  • Darkest Street In Town     1963

  • Go, Jimmy, Go     1959

  • I Trusted You     1960
    (B-side of "Go, Jimmy, Go")

  • I'm Gonna Try     1960
    (B-side of "Another Sleepless Night")

  • A Letter To An Angel     1958

  • My Own True Love     1959
    (This song later also became a hit for the Duprees (1962).)

  • A Part Of Me     1958

  • Venus In Blue Jeans     1962

  • What Am I Gonna Do     1961

  • You Aim To Please     1958
    (B-side of "Just A Dream")

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