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Song From the Spring 2001 Mitsubishi TV Commercial

That song you heard in the Mitubishi TV commercial in the spring of 2001 is entitled "Ooh La La." This song was originally performed by the Faces, and their version reached the charts in 1973. Although Rod Stewart was the lead singer of the Faces, the lead singer for "Ooh La La" was Ronnie Lane.

Most people agree that the lead singer for the version of "Ooh La La" played in the Mitsubishi car commercial is not Rod Stewart, but there is some disagreement as to whether the song is the original 1973 version by the Faces or a recent remake by the Wiseguys or some other band.

Different versions of "Ooh La La" are listed below in chronological order.

Performing Artist Year Music CD Albums That Include "Ooh La La"
Faces 1973 Ooh La La
Rushmore Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [SOUNDTRACK]
The Best Of Faces Good Boys When They're Asleep
Rod Stewart 1998 When We Were the New Boys
Wiseguys 1999 The Antidote