Interview With Deborah Chesher - Dec. 26, 2007


Deborah Chesher photo
Photo of Deborah Chesher by Randee St. Nicholas taken in August 2007.

Below is a transcript of a telephone interview from Dec. 26, 2007 with Deborah Chesher, author of "Everybody I Shot Is Dead."

Deborah Chesher is a photographer and author whose latest book, "Everybody I Shot Is Dead," pays tribute to 48 musicians she photographed from 1974-1979 who have since passed away. "Everybody I Shot Is Dead" is a beautifully laid-out coffee table book with over 400 previously unpublished photographs accompanied by biographies and Deborah Chesher's personal stories. Musicians featured in "Everybody I Shot Is Dead" - most of whom are quite familiar to oldies music fans - include George Harrison, Billy Preston, Tammy Wynette, Waylon Jennings, John Denver, Donny Hathaway, Frank Zappa, Harry Nilsson, and members of the Beach Boys, the Bee Gees, the Grateful Dead, Badfinger, T-Rex, and Led Zeppelin.

Deborah Chesher provides a detailed account of the making of "Everybody I Shot Is Dead" from start to finish on her website and in her blog. Prior to writing "Everybody I Shot Is Dead," she designed another coffee table book, "Starart," featuring music icons Joni Mitchell, John Mayall, Klaus Voormann, Ron Wood, Cat Stevens, and George "Commander Cody" Frayne.

In this interview, Chesher reminisces about her days as a rock and roll photographer back when the music business was about the music, and she shares some of her fascinating stories about some of our favorite oldies artists.


Everybody I Shot Is Dead book cover
Cover for Everybody I Shot Is Dead by Deborah Chesher.