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The Rockin' Rebels (a.k.a. The Rebels, not to be confused with Duane Eddy's backing group) were a short-lived surf rock band from Buffalo, NY with several name changes best remembered for the killer instrumental, "Wild Weekend" (1963). The original members consisted of Baker-Victory High School students Jim and Mick Kipler, Tom Gorman, and Paul Balon.

"Wild Weekend" was originally the promo song for the Tom Shannon radio show based in Buffalo, NY, with words and music by Shannon and Phil Todaro. Shannon was approached by The Rebels (later renamed The Buffalo Rebels) who asked him if they could play his promo song as an instrumental. Shannon and Todaro were so impressed that they arranged to have the band record its new version of "Wild Weekend" in a recording studio, and the song was released on Marlee in 1960.

Soon after, "Wild Weekend" became a big hit locally and was featured on American Bandstand. Eventually, this song got the attention of Swan Records who tracked down Shannon and struck a deal for the master. In early 1963, "Wild Weekend" became a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, making the band - by then known as The Rockin' Rebels - nationally famous.

Although the original (Buffalo) Rebels band had broken up by the time "Wild Weekend" became a national hit, several follow-up singles were released under The Rockin' Rebels name that were recorded by a number of different sound-alike groups. These recordings included The Rockin' Rebels' final charting song: an updated version of "Rockin' Crickets" by The Hot Toddys.


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The Rockin' Rebels

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