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Unit Four Plus Two (Unit 4 + 2) was a British Invasion pop/rock band from Hertfordshire, England that became famous during the mid 1960s. Their origins date back to 1962 when guitarist/songwriter Brian Parker (d. February 17, 2001) formed a four-part harmony vocal group known as Unit 4 that also included David "Buster" Meikle, Peter Moules, and Tommy Moeller. They were joined soon after by additional instrumental backing members and became known as Unit 4 + 2, with a number of personnel changes. Parker left Unit Four Plus Two and was replaced by Howard "Lem" Lubin, although he continued to serve as one of the band's main songwriters. Along with Lubin, Meikle, Moules, and lead singer Moeller, the classic mid-1960s lineup also consisted of Rod "Humble" Garwood (bass), and Hugh Halliday (drums). The band had its first hit in 1964 in the U.K. with the upbeat rocker, "The Green Fields."

Unit Four Plus Two made their U.S. debut in 1965 with the Parker/Moeller-penned "Concrete And Clay," a perky folk rocker with a Latin beat which became a Top 10 hit on the Adult Contemporary chart and made the Pop/Rock Top 40. Session musicians Russ Ballard (guitar) and Robert "Bob" Henrit (drums), who later joined the band as regular members in 1967, can both be heard on this smash which also topped the U.K. charts and became a hit worldwide. "Concrete And Clay," which also became a hit for Eddie Rambeau in 1965, has since then been covered over the years by such bands and artists as Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Randy Edelman, and Martin Plaza of the Australian new wave group, Mental As Anything, and it was featured as part of the soundtrack to "Rushmore" (1998).

After the success of "Concrete And Clay," Unit Four Plus Two had minor hits with "You've Never Been In Love Like This Before" (1965), "Hark" (1965), and "I Was Only Playing Games" (1967). By 1970, the band had dissolved, and Russ Ballard went on to join Argent as lead singer and guitarist before pursuing a solo career. Bob Henrit also joined Argent as a drummer.


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Unit Four Plus Two

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